MeHAF is committed to making our website accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities and those using a range of computer technology, browsers and screen sizes.

Compliance with Accessibility Standards

We use the following tools and guidelines on our website:

  • Descriptive alternative text for all graphics.
  • Alternative tags, or “Alt tags,” show up when images do not appear. Alt tags can also be read by ‘speaking browsers’ for people with visual impairments. This allows those with visual impairments or slow Internet connections to understand what types of images are used on the site even if they cannot see the images. 
  • Consistent and clear link names.
  • Titles of pages are in alignment with URL/permalink names. This allows users to see the most important information in the link instead of using uninformative link names such as “Click here.” 
  • Consistent format in the top navigation bar and the footer, and bread crumbs throughout the entire website. This allows users to grasp the navigation quickly and understand where they are as they move through the site.
  • No use of inline frames, which can create a number of accessibility problems for any user, except where the site contains embedded YouTube videos. Whenever possible, the videos in MeHAF's YouTube account contains video captions to support those with disabilities. Users may, too, enable YouTube's accessibility features, if desired.
  • No use of image maps.
  • Limited use of redirects, to primarily aid those users that have previously bookmarked (or a another website that has linked) a page on a former website design/URL structure.

Responsive Design and Browser Compatibility

In today's multi-device world, users expect that websites are easy to use on a variety of tools, including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. This site is intended to function for all users regardless of device type. We recommend that users access this site using the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox, whenever possible.


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