Achieving Better Health in Communities: Grant Funding

There are no open funding opportunities for Achieving Better Health in Communities at this time.


Ongoing or Previous Grant Funding

December 2009: Fund for the Future

Fund for the Future projects look beyond the provision of traditional health care services to focus on broad community and environmental factors that affect health such as social, economic, and environmental conditions.  Current grantees are focused on promoting healthy eating, physical activity and nutrition education, preventing youth substance abuse, improving cardiovascular health, providing fresh foods for schools and food pantries, and creating collaborative relationships with other nonprofits in the community with common goals.  

Getting Down to Basics: Collaborative Strategies to Strengthen the Understanding, Impact and Value of MaineCare for its Members 
In 2009, MeHAF partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services and seven grantees to identify ways to strengthen the understanding, impact and value of Medicaid (MaineCare) for its members.  The group researched and shared local and national best practices, and gathered input from nearly 1,000 Maine people on proposed improvement strategies to produce the report Improving the Health of Maine People: Getting Down to Basics.  Building on the recommendations from this report, in  June 2010, MeHAF awarded grants totaling $265,842 to support community projects that provide the basic tools and resources that people need to be healthier and get better value from the health care system.  Each applicant is required to engage members of MeHAF's priority populations, those who are uninsured and underserved, in devising solutions that specifically address recommendations in the report.  View the list of funded applicants with descriptions of their projects.