Since 2000, MeHAF has provided grant funding, consulting expertise, convening capacity and technical assistance to Maine organizations who address the barriers to providing better access to underserved and uninsured Maine people.  We also provide program and systems expertise to help grantees achieve their goals.

Among their many accomplishments our grantees have:  

  • integrated delivery of primary care and behavioral health services at over 65 sites with over 150 partners statewide;
  • established one of the most comprehensive state-wide electronic health information exchanges in the country that now includes the majority of Maine's population;
  • worked together to inform Maine people about what national health reform means for them;
  • developed new approaches to payment reform and changes in care delivery that can rein in the cost of care;
  • promoted greater access to high quality care by strengthening and expanding Maine's community health center network;
  • worked with small rural critical access hospitals to advance patient safety;
  • expanded oral health services for low-income people;
  • linked community-based resources and services so people can achieve better health, reduced costs and improved patient health status by providing access to prescriptions and helping Maine people better manage their own medications.

Please see our Annual Reports for more information about current and past grants. See the menu at left for specific grant information, guidelines and resources.


Community-Based Initiatives Grantees:

Healthy Communities, Access to Quality Care & Thriving in Place

Community-Based Initiatives Learning Community Meetings

Collaborative Partnership Survey - Network Health Scorecard

Collaborative Partnership Survey - Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory