MeHAF’s Commitment, Post-Election

The results of last week’s presidential election came as a surprise to many, and left health leaders in Maine and across the country with a slew of questions. What do the results mean for the Affordable Care Act, for Medicare and Medicaid, and for health care access more broadly?  At this point, it’s too soon to know the answers to any of these questions.  It’s certainly likely that we’ll see change in the structures and funding for health care in Maine.  Some things won’t change, though.  At MeHAF, we are committed to continue our work with non-profits across the state and with state and local governments to reduce barriers in access to health care.  For over 15 years, MeHAF has been committed to promoting access to quality health care for all people in Maine, especially for those who are uninsured and underserved.  It’s our mission.  This foundation was established specifically for that purpose in April 2000.

Since our creation as a private foundation we have been dedicated to carrying out the guidance provided in our founding bylaws, which state that MeHAF shall:

  • Be an independent and vigorous leader on health care access issues in Maine, collaborating with other health care, regulatory, and social service entities to address unmet health care needs for uninsured and medically underserved populations;
  • Supplement, not supplant, directly or indirectly, the activities of government;
  • Collaborate with other non-profit organizations or with government entities;
  • Regularly assess the health care needs of medically uninsured and underserved persons within the State of Maine.

As we noted during our meeting last week in Bangor on rural health system transformation, access to health care is closely linked to local economies, employability and economic security of families, and the ability of children to grow up healthy and strong and to be successful in society.

The American voters have spoken, and as the campaign season retreats in our rear view mirror, we look forward to working with our long-term partners and to hearing new voices and welcoming new partnerships and new ways of working together as challenges and opportunities arise over the coming months and years.  Our commitment is to promote access to health care that is of high quality and at a reasonable cost, and we are eager to work on strategies to make this a reality for all Maine people in the future.


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