MeHAF Selects Seven Health Advocacy Organizations to Participate in Nonprofit Financial Leadership Clinic

MeHAF Selects Seven Health Advocacy Organizations to Participate in Nonprofit Financial Leadership Clinic

The Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF) has selected seven Maine nonprofits to participate in an intensive Financial Leadership Clinic conducted by the Nonprofit Finance Fund , a national consulting group.  All seven statewide organizations advocate for the health and wellbeing of Maine people, and particularly for those with disabilities, survivors of sexual assault, families with low incomes and others.  Each organization will receive a grant of $15,000 to support their time for participating in the clinic and the pre- and post-clinic work that is required. 

Maine’s health advocacy community is made up of a network of small nonprofits.  These organizations represent some of Maine’s most vulnerable people and ensure that their voices are heard by policy makers in Augusta and nationally.  As with many nonprofits, health advocacy organizations often rely on fundraising and grants to sustain their day-to-day operations, making it challenging to plan for the future.  

“These advocacy organizations are critical partners toward achieving our mission to ensure that everyone in Maine has access to affordable, quality health care,” notes Dr. Wendy Wolf, MeHAF President & CEO.  “This initiative will help sustain and strengthen advocacy so policy makers make the best decisions to address the needs of vulnerable people.”

The Financial Leadership Clinic is part of a larger pilot program that MeHAF is coordinating to support the capacity of nonprofit health advocacy organizations to advocate on behalf of uninsured and underserved people in Maine.  MeHAF is working closely with the Nonprofit Finance Fund and other Maine-based consultants to build additional learning opportunities for these organizations in the future.     

“MeHAF has a long history of supporting advocacy efforts to help achieve our mission of promoting access to health care for all Maine people,” said Program Officer Morgan Hynd.  “It only makes sense to support the financial strength and capacity of those organizations that are so vital to our mission, and the Financial Leadership Clinic is a strategic way to do that.” 

The Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF) is Maine’s largest, private, nonprofit health care foundation dedicated to promoting access to quality health care, especially for those who are uninsured and underserved, and improving the health of everyone in Maine.  MeHAF uses its grant resources and expertise to identify and move forward key initiatives and issues to improve Maine’s health care system so people across every region of our state have access to quality care for better health. To learn more about MeHAF, visit  

Participating Organizations
Consumers for Affordable Health Care
Emily Brostek,, 207-622-7083

Disability Rights Maine
Kim Moody,, 207-626-2774

Maine Children’s Alliance
Claire Berkowitz,, 207-623-1868 x206

Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Elizabeth Ward Saxl,, 207-626-0034

Maine Equal Justice Partners
Robyn Merrill,, 207-626-7058

Maine Primary Care Association
Vanessa Santarelli,, 207-621-0677  x209    

Maine Women’s Policy Center
Eliza Townsend,, 207-622-0851

MeHAF Media Contact:
Morgan Hynd, Maine Health Access Foundation
(207) 620-8266 x116 |


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