Access for All

Everyone in Maine deserves access to a basic level of quality health care services.

To ensure Access for All, MeHAF supports programs designed to expand access to affordable coverage and care, particularly for those who cannot afford health insurance, live in rural areas where services are not available, or face cultural and language barriers that make it challenging to get coverage or use our health system. 

Advancing Health Reform through Advocacy

Changes in state and federal laws can expand access and improve the way health care is delivered and paid for. As a result of both the ACA and changes in Maine’s insurance laws, many new policies and regulations that effect coverage are being implemented. MeHAF supports advocacy to ensure that the interests of individuals who are underserved and those without health insurance are represented in official governmental proceedings. LEARN MORE  

MeHAF also supports the organizational capacity of the health advocacy nonprofits that represent underserved individuals through a capacity building program developed with the Nonprofit Finance Fund.  LEARN MORE 

Rural Health Transformation

The rapidly changing health landscape is driving decisions about how the current rural health system will evolve. MeHAF is catalyzing new partnerships in rural communities to accelerate innovation in health care service delivery. LEARN MORE

Strengthening the Oral Health Safety Net

Each time we ask Maine people where they face the biggest barriers to care, they tell us that access to dental care is a top concern. Since the foundation’s inception, MeHAF has provided support to strengthen the dental safety net and expand the dental workforce. We also collaborate with other funders to improve oral health. LEARN MORE

Monitoring Coverage and Access

MeHAF is monitoring how many Maine people have insurance, who gets care, and define barriers to receiving quality services.  By partnering with national and state surveys, MeHAF can monitor and assess trends in coverage and access. LEARN MORE HERE. AND HERE.

Access to Quality Care for Uninsured Individuals

Many people in Maine remain uninsured because they cannot afford premium payments or they are not eligible for coverage through Medicaid. MeHAF provided grants to organizations throughout the state to support the development of systems of care for people who still lack coverage. LEARN MORE

Outreach, Education, and Enrollment

Maine’s Health Insurance Marketplace is run by the Federal government. MeHAF funded a statewide media campaign and new website called and made grants to key organizations to help educate and assist people seeking coverage through the Marketplace. LEARN MORE

Expanding Access to Health Insurance

MeHAF supports a variety of approaches to expand access.  The ACA authorized the creation of new non-profit health insurance plans, called Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans (CO-OPs) to provide affordable products in the Health Insurance Marketplaces. Community Health Options is Maine’s CO-OP. MeHAF provided a grant to help get the word out about this new insurance option. LEARN MORE

MeHAF also supports research about options to improve access to health insurance. LEARN MORE

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