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It is estimated that over of 60,000 non-elderly adults remain uninsured in Maine. The actual number may be higher since Maine has not expanded Medicaid coverage.  How providers of health care and social services respond to the needs of these individuals will have a significant impact on the efficient and effective functioning of the health care system and society as a whole.

MeHAF developed the Access to Quality Care (A2QC) initiative in response to this challenge. The initiative encourages health care and social service providers to take advantage of the significant changes that are currently taking place in the way our health care system delivers care to address the health needs of all people, especially those who lack insurance coverage. This grant program promotes the development of systems of care that deliver sustainable, high value services to people who are uninsured and have lower incomes by supporting better communication and greater coordination among health and social services agencies and organizations, and individuals who seek care.

  • Grants:  MeHAF has awarded 10 competitive grants to support better systems coordination, increase system capacity and efficiency, and improve patient experience and outcomes. One year planning and three year implementation funding began in 2013. For a list of currently active grantees, click here.
  • Technical assistance and grantee support:  A2QC grantees participate in learning communities that feature local and national experts, network development and peer to peer sharing.
  • Consumer and community engagement:  Grantees are required to engage patients through interviews, focus-groups, planning and advisory committees.

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