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Representing the needs of Maine’s most vulnerable people in major policy discussions is one of the most effective tools for advancing our mission. MeHAF has supported advocacy throughout our history to promote public policy and sustain improvements in coverage and care. Currently, our support of advocacy focuses on preserving and expanding coverage options for children, families with low income, people with substance abuse disorder, and immigrants and migrant seasonal workers.  

Since 2011, MeHAF has worked with a diverse group of health advocacy organizations to ensure that the voices and needs of uninsured and underserved Mainers are represented as state and federal governments work to implement health policy reform.

Our support for advocacy has included the following:

  • Grants:  Multi-year competitive grants currently support advocacy to guide public policy and administrative rule-making.
  • Technical assistance and grantee support:  MeHAF provides opportunities for advocates to learn from state and national experts to strengthen their work and to build the capacity of their organizations.  Advocacy grantees also meet regularly to discuss policy developments, identify emerging issues, and highlight areas where external research and expertise may be required to advance this work. (Visit Learning & Resources )
  • Sharing what we’re learning:  MeHAF uses reports, case studies, news items, blogs, and video clips to share information.  Just use the key word search to find items related to “health system advocacy.”
  • Promoting policy development:  MeHAF works with the advocacy grantees to identify opportunities for policy research.
  • Evaluating our work:  MeHAF assesses the successes and challenges of its programs.

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